It’s very evident that I am who I am today because of who my parents once were, and till this day remain to be – Romantics, hopeless romantics. After nights of asking them individually about how they met, and how they fell in love, It ended tonight with the outcome of me breaking down infront of my mom.

I think of you so often, and it’s hard not to do so – I’ve tried, but to no avail. In all honesty, It doesn’t shock me; I mean why would it, we’ve immersed into each other’s lives so immensely that it’s hard not to pick myself up and not be drenched with the imprinted thoughts that you’ve left behind.

Crossroads; the movie is the first memory that I can recall of Britney Spears. Sure, It was about coming of age, it was about a dramatic plot, and dare I say a chic flic, but disregarding that all, It was genuine, It was more of Britney before finding her gene, and after she did, she morphed into the pop icon that we obsess about today – Britney Spears.