It’s quite unconventional for one to start a paper with a question, one that hasn’t been received well by many and is often a topic that stirs prolonging doubts. Raphael Rubinstein, a New York-based poet, art critic, and critical studies professor at the University of Houston, takes it upon himself to tackle the issue full on in his piece “Where Is The Audience for Art Criticism”.

It’s an event that showcases the preeminent of what Adliya has to offer, be it the art adorned streets, the atmosphere it creates that surely derives the cosmopolitan, and locals, and not to forget the endless memorable moments that you’ll capture with an abundance of pictures, videos, and posts that you will make across your social media accounts; The Nest Festival For Art & Design 2016.

The name befits the vibe you get, It’s safe, vibrant, and home like to the extent that the belongings present are mentally perceived as your own. Malja – A Red Bull Space in Bahrain, where creatives and like-minded individuals meet and elaborate on their artistic perceptions through music, dance, sketching, and even writing.