Ali Al Bana was born in The Kingdom of Bahrain in 1996. The fashion flair was heavily enriched by his families background through his grandmother being a seamstress, and his mother being an artist.  

I’m Ali Al Bana” is a blog that involves articles about fashion, art, and things in between. The main highlight is to portray the best of what The Kingdom of Bahrain has to present, as well as the essential value of supporting anything local.

The idea of blogging started as an economical decision at start, Ali used to design garments, and once had them portrayed in Bahrain Fashion Week in 2010 where he won “The Best Emerging Talent” title in the Middle East. After redirecting his time towards his studies, and the necessity known as an education, starting a blog sounded as an ideal, and appropriate decision.

I’m Ali Al Bana, previously “The Sartori Ali”, is all about being personal, and being true to what you believe in; a space that’s filled with an endless variation of articles, and detailed images of fashion, art pieces that move you emotionally, mentally, as well as pieces on lifestyle, and music that makes you move, you know – literally. 


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