One too many delayed flights, emotional breakdowns at the airport, emails to the international student center, but I finally made it to Missouri. Out of all the ways I imagined to be welcomed, dragging myself, and my overweight luggage through 5 inches of snow wasn’t the way I particularly anticipated.

Despite the inevitable hiccups, waking up to a view that was ivory, bright (maybe too bright to what I’m visually used to) made it all worthwhile. Whilst Strolling around campus with the talc like snow hugging every corner of the sidewalk at 8:30AM, I came to the realization that the size of MU, also proudly referred to as Mizzou more or less equated to the entire town of Columbia.

Contributing in the academic journey of every local – or tiger – the university encompasses a rich history of excellence, educational caliber, and significant cultural events. Enrolled in the Art & Design program in fine arts specifically, it came to my surprise how broad the department was as it provides a roof for performance arts, music, theater, and other forms of art.

Adding onto that, the art scene downtown happens to be quite noticeable despite how small scaled the downtown area is – from paintings on traffic light poles that have a music and cultural narrative, to the indispensable forms of American art on brick walls, and alley ways.

Acknowledging how it hasn’t even been a week since I’ve arrived, I often find the unsettling feeling of unsettlement overcasting my every step and action. Not that I was expecting it to happen overnight, but it would sure be nice to find that sense of familiarity on the ground on which I place my feet on, and the Walmart pillow that I lay my head on every night. As I eagerly await the start of the Spring semester, my nerves happen to get the best of me along with self doubt. Adding onto that, one last hurdle that  separates me from the start of my creative venture happens to be  a snow storm that takes place this weekend, where the temperature drops to a piercing -16.

As I wait for the storm to pass through, I’ll most likely be in my dorm room writing, and preparing for my classes. Most of which involve the outmost attention given to the human muscular form in anatomic drawing, coherent narratives of thought and bold messages in graphic novels, the visually appealing forms, and illustrative images in visual communication. Finally, the social inequality in gender, race, class and sexuality in my Gender & Identity class. Which I enrolled after dropping my American History Since 1865 class for because let’s face it, I’d rather study that than study anything revolving around white men.

Stay tuned for to my next blog post which will highlight me making America great again – just kidding.

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