They weren’t lying when they said that the city of Dubai has it’s own pace, one that’s unlike any other. You could be living your Italian bella Italiano dream in a moment, just like Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love” at an Italian cooking class, and then be spiritually enriched at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the next (Yes, I’ve been one to experience these two particular moments).

It was hard catching up with everything, for life probably started when you were snoozing your first alarm, and before you knew it, your day ended within mere seconds. Time; it was one of the things you’d usually take for granted, and when you’ve run out of it, only then and there would you realize its value. After coming to an understanding of how time’s fleeting, I’ve made it key to utilize every single moment, and make the most of it whenever, and however I could.

Following up on that decision, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was going to donate my hair to a cancer foundation called “Friends of Cancer Patients” which’s a nonprofit organization that supports cancer patients financially and emotionally in the United Arab Emirates since 1999. As of recently my cousin was diagnosed with bone cancer, and I recall viewing a tweet that she posted which said “Despite how I’ve always wanted to cut my hair short, I miss my hair so much. I guess some blessings are valued only after they’re gone“. Being a very present member throughout my childhood, as well as being an individual who has always been there for me, I obviously wasn’t going to let her miss her hair alone…

Apart from that, on my flight back to Bahrain from Dubai for Eid, I’ve come to the realization of how acquainted I am to the feeling of longing . It only took a half an hour ride to acknowledge how The Kingdom of Bahrain differs from the United Arab Emirates – not that it was ever of a calibre to compare. Be it from street rules, and mannerisms of the people, to the laid back pace that the country comfortably progresses through – or lack thereof.

I was often asked if I missed Bahrain, and my answer would be this “I didn’t miss Bahrain, I just missed my family. I wasn’t homesick, I just longed for the ease and comfort of being with those who truly mattered to me the most. Sure, I did miss the familiarity with the roads and not having to use Google Maps, but that ends right there. 

Following up on that, with eid celebrations came pre birthday celebrations and heart to hear conversations. On the second day of eid, my family and I went to The Orangery for lunch – the post colonialism South African aesthetics, and desserts makes the location my favorite tea room & patisserie. From the butter-nut squash salad, to the prolonging conversation of socialites, and future real estate investments with my dad, the time spent was truly cherished. Adding onto that, my family happened to surprise me with an early birthday cake or two, which truly was the cherry-on-top!

As I await the boarding call for my flight, I’m unable to comprehend that I’ll soon depart Dubai’s scope and will have to settle back into Bahrain. Despite the feeling of having the rug pulled out right from under me, which I knew was going to happen, I know that within a couple of years I will eventually move to this concrete jungle. For now at least, a few visits will have to do. 

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