Setting foot into the ground of this metropolis we know as Dubai, one is often abruptly ushered or more or less forced into its impromptu system. To an outsider or a GCC national that isn’t accustomed to it, it may seem floundering. However, once within the system, it would only seem natural to show cavalier disregard about how life once was, and will perhaps no longer be.

Moving to Dubai for a month for work purposes surely is taking a toll on me; I knew that I would gallivant around trying to find that high that Carrie Bradshaw has as she parades around from a Vogue interview to a Manolo Blahnik store – I’m not going to say that that high wasn’t obtained, but it wasn’t due to a new pair of Blahnik shoes, or an interview at Vogue, but through the perpetual energy that rubbed off on me after meeting one person after the other and the possible prospects that would one day take place.

Despite that, I’d have to say that after one week, I did want to lock myself up in my hotel room, and endlessly watch Netflix whilst applying Lush face masks – staying at the ROVE Trade Centre, which’s a hotel with a prime location, service and price point, and an ongoing tongue-in-cheek, creative concept that’s carried out throughout the hotel. With Emirati phrases imprinted onto the wall, and artwork with the colors red, green, white, and black all over, you’d have to be blind to not notice the nationalism and loyalty towards the country.

Being away from my own, I’ve come to acknowledge the value of certain things we take for granted. Comfort, community, and a sense of belonging are things that I’m yet to grasp – I’m not homesick, not at all, but it would surely feel a lot better of knowing where my next whereabouts would be, and not having to use Google maps to reach them. Thanks to technology, I speak to my family often, and try to catch up with all the tea that’s being spilt whilst my time away – girl, a fresh brew is set every 2 days.

Adding onto that, being away from home not only teaches you about core values, but it teaches you more about yourself. I’m a firm believer of how you never stop learning, and how you discover traits, emotions, and interests about yourself by the day. What have I learned?


I’ve learned that I’m not an introvert, but an individual who’s energy gets drained by those with demanding auras, and presence. I’ve also learned that I can change that, and control who, and what I give my energy and emotions to. I’ve learned that I allow particular insecurities to get the best of me, and restrain myself from speaking about them, only then to have them, and things blow out of proportion. I’ve learned that things take time, and progress, regardless of how slow is the progress. I’ve learned that you should always practice what you preach. I’ve learned that I should give particular people a chance, actually give them one and allow a relationship, friendship, or whatever to gradually bud. I’ve learned that trust, no matter how hard to give, is always given to those who stay regardless of whatever trait, insecurity, situation, or demons.

I’ve learned a lot within a week of being in this concrete jungle, most importantly, I’ve learned that I should never give up on myself, and those that I love. I should always remember why I started, and what kept me going, because it’s almost always worth it.

What is it that I’m still yet to experience? That’s another week, and another stomp within Dubai’s grounds.

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