It’s fair to say that I haven’t posted anything in quite sometime, and that’s not acknowledged because I’m swiping the dust off of my keyboard, but it surely does feel odd to be putting on these ex-blogger shoes; they’re not Miu Miu’s nor Louboutin’s, but they fit just right, and wouldn’t put a dent in my bank account. 

Late last month, a post came to surface and raided almost everyone’s instagram timeline. It was about a new music festival, yes, you read that right, a music festival that’s called “Palm” which’s set to take place in The Kingdom of Bahrain within the next year. Initially, I thought it was a scam or a late April fools joke, but to my surprise, it had a website, a social media account, and it surely started to grow a following. It’s said to be “One of the largest gatherings in the Middle East, featuring music and art, centered around exploring the creative arts” Or so it says on their instagram bio. 


The thing that caught everyone’s attention is how Palm asked it’s followers to select, or rather vote, for the line up of artists they’d like to see live. Now mind you, the artists that were featured were picked from various genres, from indie, rock, rap, and RnB. I’ve created a playlist for you that includes tracks, based on some of the artists that are featured amongst the line up:

If you’d like to vote for the artist you’d like to see at Palm Festival, please click here: VOTE



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