APRIL 2ND, 2018 – 4:00PM

I’d start this post with the usual “Hey, hi, hello” intro, but in highlight of how the new year brought several things into perspective, I thought I’d start it differently.

It’s been four months into the year, and it somewhat feels like I’ve crossed miles, and accomplished a couple things that I set my mind to initially. In spite of that, I keep on thinking of what once was, and how it no longer is. “There really is no past that we can bring back by longing for it, but only a present that builds, and creates itself as the past withdraws.” – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

People often say that with time, you discover more about yourself, where you want to be, what goals you wish to set for yourself, who you want to be with, and who to cut off from your life (Literally, like snip snip). Now mind you, I understand that I’m a 21 year old millennial, and that I’ve seen a mere hue of what the world’s kaleidoscope really is, but that won’t stop me from going at things at full throttle, with slightly cracked rose tinted glasses; and that’s what I’m going to carry on doing.

Balancing university, a couple of freelance positions, and a blog, it’s easy to fall into an undesirable position. One that could lead to burning ones self out, and another that could lead to detaching ones self from the world, and falling into an endless session of procrastination, and Netflix and chill. Now you could do that occasionally, but be sure not to give it a prime position in your life.

Making an effort to avoid that, I make it a necessity to find something motivational, and stimulating. Be it a plan, an outline, attending events, conversations with like-minded individuals, or in my case, and one individual in particular. Picking up on that, I’ve always been fond of the energy present within the UAE, and it’s 7 emirates – it encapsulates the arts, modernity, exuberance, and intellectual dialect through many categories, and fields.

I recently attended Art Dubai, and it’s fair to say that what I once felt for the arts, fashion, and culture was reignited. From walking between stalls to halls, attending talks, and adoring individuals in their frocks (I’d constantly mouth YAS), the guests, nor the artwork disappointed.

When I arrived back to Bahrain, I realized that I had left a part of me in Dubai; you see, the energy, the people, reoccurring flow of stimulation, and how things can literally happen overnight surely do stir you on. Have I fallen into the socio dilemma known as the “Dubai bubble”? Not fully, but surely. Will I make it a goal, to go back for more? I’d like to think so.

IMAGE copy

I’d want you to read this post, and think that I’m doing well, and that I’m trying to make things happen for myself, but in reality though, what I’d really want is for you to go out there, and make something out of yourself, for yourself, and not for others. Regardless of scale, position, or even location, I’d want you to find a motive, a stimulating attribute, or if you’re lucky a person, and bloom from it.

Life’s short, don’t spend it looking back at how things were, but look forward and pick up from the lessons you’ve learned, and pave a way for yourself. I believe in you, and maybe it’s time you did too.


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