Hey, hi, hello,

It surely has been a minute, and it’s fair to say, that life’s been taking its toll on everyone. In every single way, and by any means possible. If you can relate, that’s comforting to hear, as I wasn’t the only one in the boat.

We all have our ways of decompressing, and releasing stress. Some prefer to eat, awhile others prefer to write, and in this case, I did both. Last weekend, I was able to gain a spot amongst several others, in Malja Bahrain’s “Open Mic” night. Those participating sang, played an instrument, threw a couple of shady puns, or like me, read a poem, or two.

Photograph by Abdulla Minhas

Due to many requests, and the fact that I haven’t been able to post on IMALIALBANA for a while, I’ve decided to post my poems here. I’m no Edgar Allan Poe, but it’s good to try to be sometimes – I STRESS on sometimes.

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