noun & adjective informal

  • Short for expatriate.





  • a person who lives outside their native country.

I don’t claim to have added a bit of enlightenment into your life, but dismaying that, you’re welcome.

Georgie Bradely

The reason of my impromptu explanatory introduction is because of Georgie Bradely, your obvious Khaleeji expact, who was born and raised in our little sandbox, The Kingdom of Bahrain. After moving abroad for her university studies, and experiencing the freelance life in London, she decided to return due to an unfortunate bullet that hit her in the core. 

Trying to cope with her injury, one that reality has inflected upon many, Bradely started a podcast this past June titled “The Khaleeji Expat”. The podcast seeks to explore various aspects of life in the Gulf. Be it matters that are within the scope of social media and its effects, Identity, lifestyle, or fashion, Bradely and her guests elaborate on such things with an intelligent, and lighthearted manner.


In her recent episode titled “Dressing Up”, creative consultant Anum Bashir, also known as “The Desert Mannequin” & I were featured – coming from different platforms, different countries in the middle east, and somewhat similar feeds, we both talked about the matter of why we dress the way we do, and our views on fashion.

Stay tuned to the upcoming episodes by The Khaleeji Expat on SoundCloud, or checkout their instagram profile: @thekhaleejiexpat



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