It features not one, but two, pro-LBTQ+ covers. It’s photographed by the iconic duo Mert and Marcus, and it follows the example set by the late, renowned, Franca Sozzani; if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about Italian Vogue’s September Covers.

It’s skin-to-skin, chest-to-chest, lip-to-lip, and a slight chance of tongue-to-tongue action – In the biggest month of fashion, new editor-in-chief

Emanuuele Farneti chose to feature Lily Aldridge and Vittoria Ceretti on one cover, real-life couple Edoardo Velicskov and Pablo Rousson on another, and finally, one that features Maria Carla Boscono and Federico Spinas.

Dior SS17

It’s safe to say that the fashion industry is set on pushing boundaries, and making a rather political statement nowadays. That’s quite evident by last seasons Dior’s “We Should All be Feminists” t-shirts, and as of recently, the features that involve LGBTA+ individuals in various magazines.

In a time where politics is at its worst, various creative fields including fashion aim to highlight, or raise awareness to those who are denied their moral rights – Be it people of color, people of different faiths, or those within the LGBT community.

In retrospect to that and matters of Italian Vogue, it’s clear that Italians do it best – literally. I mean, if it took Farneti, and his team of creatives, three issues to execute such covers, imagine what they’ll do next? Surely, it’ll be something of distinctive value, and something worthy of commemoration, and acknowledgement.


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