Hey, Hi, Hello,

God bless these 20 somethings I say, when I’ve barely learned its lessons; besides the lessons of heart break, and the process of learning who I am, and what I stand for – which is something I thought I already knew, but I guess I was just naïve – clearly.

As I dust off my keyboard, and start to write this post, the sense of something peculiar overcomes – call it a familiar foreshadow. Here I am, back at it once again, my blog. It feels like a child I’ve given birth to, and abandoned on the doorsteps of a foster house. Like a remorseful parent, or whatever that means, I hope that the efforts I’m about to make towards it, will mend whatever I’ve broken.

In retrospect to that, here are 20 lessons I’ve learnt as I was away:

1.Never turn your back on yourself, and your ambitions – You’re all you have at the end of the day.

2. Reality will break your rose tinted glasses – if it doesn’t, people will.

3. Allow yourself to grow in any way, and means possible; mentally, emotionally, and physically.

4. Never be ashamed of asking for help, it’s not a sign of weakness.

5. Don’t claim to know everything, you really don’t.

6. Be eager to learn, discover, and follow your own instincts – they’re always right.

7. There’s a fine line between friends, and acquaintances.

8. Spending time alone for the sake of comfort, and sanity, doesn’t mean you’re depressed, odd, or weird. Please pay no mind to those who say that.

9. Mistakes are inevitable, but make sure to learn from them, and not hurt anyone awhile making them.

10. Not everything requires a reaction.

11. Actions mean far more than words, never forget that.

12. Detach yourself from the past, and focus on the future. Life’s too short; value your time’s weight in gold.

13. If a relationship with someone doesn’t work out, please doesn’t force it.

14. It’s okay to say “No” – Rosa Parks said it, and look at where humanity, and people of color are now.

15. Appreciate your parents, regardless how you feel about their views, and opinions. They’re getting old, and you never know if it’s your last moment with them.

16. Empathy is looked down upon, being soft means that you’re weak, and kindness is viewed as stupidity. Be all of those things, they’re nothing of what is said.

17. Rather than speaking, listen.

18. Save up as much as you can, and don’t splurge on pretty items on display – it’s just retail working it’s tricks on you. You’ll surely need the finances later on, so wait till it’s “sale season”.

19. Never restrict yourself because of society; do you, for you girl. Be fierce, not shady (Paris is Burning pun intended).

20. You don’t particularly get what you give, you’re better off living without expectations, but with limitations. 

Here’s to new beginnings, acquaintances that develop to friendships, valued lessons, and much more love. 

Yours truly,



  1. This is bloody brilliant. Mark the date, and write another one next year. See how many lessons remain, which change, and what gets added.
    Truly enjoyed reading this. Don’t abandon your child.


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