13TH OF APRIl 2017 – 4:00PM

13th of April, 2017


Starbucks Nakheel, Saar, The Kingdom of Bahrain

I write you a story, but it loses it’s thread – just like how Andrew Birds verse is going to. It’s quite literal when they say how one song can usher an abundant amount of memories, and Pulaski At Night surely did. It’s quite how I romanticize things, or have my rose colored glasses on awhile going through day to day experiences, but here’s something that obligated me to take them off, and see the situation for what it was, and how it was.

This past Monday, the 11th of April, the hashtag #SaveDina started to trend all over twitter. Not being aware of what it was about, I went onto it’s feed and instantly after reading the issue, the pace at which my heart was beating was incomprehensible. Everyone’s reaction, involved nothing but frustration, distress, anger, and the feeling of helplessness.

Here’s Dina’s story (First Image):

Now you can imagine how alarming the matter is, and it’s dumbfounding that no one was spreading the hashtag, and trying to raise awareness with regards to it. Within a few minutes though, an extensive amount of tweets started to appear down it’s timeline, calling for aid towards the issue, and I, as well as many others took part of it.

Twitter Profile: @Ascia_AKF

Apart from myself, blogger Ascia, and many other twitter users made it their job to spread the word, inform, and make sure that the matter wasn’t dismayed. We mentioned celebrities, UN handles, news reporters, and so many more. One thing that really bothered me though, and I took this profoundly, was how silent all the feminist social media influencers, and fashion magazines were.

The past two seasons within the fashion industry revolved around women empowerment, liberation, and acceptance – from articles of clothing with slogans like  “The Future Is Female” in Parabal Gurung, and “We Should All Be Feminists” in Dior, and Vogue Arabia’s April issue entitled “I’ve Got The Power” that features model Iman Hammam on the cover, to Versace’s runway tracks that lyrically talked about how women should be brave, and fight for their rights.  I just couldn’t understand the act of silence? Is it all a marketing scheme, or has the industry taken advantage of current societal situations, and formed a trend based on it?  

After Dina’s arrival to Saudi, there were no further updates on her situation as things were amongst family members, and according to Saudi law, things will be handled internally. Our prayers are with Dina, and many other female individuals who are, or have been in Dina’s shoes.

If you have a voice, use it. If you beielve in something, stand your ground and defend it, regardless of how others may disagree, or not understand. Always remember to spread kindness, amongst one another, lend a hand to those in need, and always remember that even though things might be similar to a whirlwind at times, you will make it. “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees, and the stars; you have a right to be here.”Max Ehrmann


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