March 15th, 2017 – 1:40PM

As I dust off my keyboard, crack my knuckles, and plug in my headphones, I realize how long of a while it’s been since i’ve last worked on content – I regret how I allowed it to happen, but all that falls, must rise again – so here’s hoping…

Speaking of hope, and the attachment of how we all idolize the lives that we envision through our rose tinted glasses, I’ve spent the past week absorbing the various heights of energy that Dubai withholds & let me just state that It’s not like any other city, the ones I’ve been in at least.


I can partially say that it swallowed me whole into its whirlpool collective of individuals. I feel energized, enthralled by the diversity, and enticed to do more; be it more art, which I have been neglecting, more reading, which I’m bound to do after the abundance of books that I purchased from Kinokunya, more writing, being more active with my university assignments, and so much more – the list is inevitably endless.

Awhile my trip, I’ve come across individuals that are not only mentally stimulating, but their energy is something I’ve picked off. Be it artists, writers from various publications, course coordinators, even architects – they all had their charm. Surprisingly so, you wouldn’t really think that of them, I mean being from the city and all, one doubts to encounter individuals within the state of beatitude.

Beatitude; It was a constant state that I was in – only when the thought of you takes places,  I realized that the state I was in was caducous. It was quite often, and it was without control, you were never containable, so why would your thoughts claim to be? Be it from the plethora of books at Kinokunya, the light breeze at The Walk, or the amount of tall, lightly shaved, Caucasian men at Dubai mall – you were ineluctable.

Apart from you, I immensely missed myself, fashion, and the fixity of blogging. The lace appliquéd trousers, with pleating done on the hipline on Chloe’s window display, the interactive Louis Vuitton window installation left me with a bitter sweet after taste, not to forget that Haute Couture week recently ended, and the fall winter shows were taking place in Paris. I miss the feel of fringed fabric tangling in between my fingers, the static feel organza leaves in your hands – I miss how blogging used to excite me, and how it had my fingers on edge, just dabbling on my laptops keyboard, as a pianists would on the keys of a piano. 

Dubai was good to me, maybe too good, and I realized it just when the plane took off at 12:55AM (11:55PM Bahrain time). Sure I was there for work, but awhile working on marketing, and digital engagement, I forgot the thing that need alteration, and progression – me.

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