It’s an event that showcases the pre-eminent of what Adliya has to offer, be it the art adorned streets, the atmosphere it creates that surely derives the cosmopolitan, and locals, and not to forget the endless memorable moments that you’ll capture with an abundance of pictures, videos, and posts that you will make across your social media accounts; The Nest Festival For Art & Design 2016.



 Media members being shown around The Nest Image Courtesy – Al Riwaq 

Taking place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday up until the 17th of December,  the event carries itself based upon a theme. This year’s theme happens to be “Melting Pot” – personally, I wouldn’t perceive our tiny sand box as that, maybe not in every angle of the box, but specific flat surfaces perhaps (Please read this as if you are visualizing the geometric anatomy of a box). Despite my personal opinion, the aim of that specific theme is to highlight, and celebrate the diverse, historical culture that’s present in The Kingdom of Bahrain. Alongside that, to inform the general public of the intersection, and contextual emphasis on the Gulf.


Your starting point? Al Riwaq Art Space, of course. Showcasing indoor exhibitions, as well as previews of various art pieces that change every weekend. For example, last weekend Lulwa Al Amin had showcased various fashion pieces that she worked on, with illustrations that she personally created representing Bahraini figures, and accents of elevated traditions.  Apart from that, Bint Thani, an Emarati based brand by Khulood Thani, showcased the brands B/Bauhaus RTW collection that featured pieces that were cut in an unconventional way, using uncommon textures.  

Making your way out, you’ll find several booths, or food stalls that are bound to get your stomach on a riff (hunger wise) serving an array  of sweet, and savory, from ice cream, to traditional, and western tapas. Other than that, The Kitchen, which is a space where cooking classes commence is right at the end of the alley. Apart from the indoor exhibitions, food stalls, and the kitchen space, the main focus, where the events take place is “The Park”.

Image Courtesy - Al Riwaq

Positioned at the heart of the festival, it’s a small piazza with outsized trees, that are as shady as ever (No pun intended). Besides the illuminated installation that hovers, making its way over the trees, and the traditional Bahraini play house, The Park features a café with relaxed outdoor seating, as well as a stage that will hold live events, and film screenings.


All around, you’ll find art, be it on the streets, installations, in buildings, or even in houses. Artists of the likes of Othman Khunji, Ali Hussein Merza, Mustafa Al Halwachi, Nasser Al Zayani, and much more have their pieces present within. Sticking to its theme, artists from the GCC countries, as well as Europe are amongst the list. As a matter of fact, The Nest allocated an entire space to various artists from Saudi Design Week – I raved over the light installations, as well as other history enriched works of art.

Make sure to be present at The Nest this weekend, a lot of things are to happen! Due to the rain fall this past weekend, things may change, or be postponed, and to know more about them, make sure to grab a copy of the festivals handbook found in Al Riwaq, or by following Al Riwaqs Instagram (@alriwaq).

Fashionably yours,



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