It’s that time of year when the knits become wearable, when the evenings are longer, slightly chilly, and it’s when sitting outside is more than tolerable, or dare I say, a necessity. You literally sense the change, be it from the obvious change of dress, type of music you listen to, or the subtle rush of emotions that fill you up… a.k.a “The Gloom” – or at least that’s just me… 

Being a double shot Americano amongst a wave of toffee nut lattes, which isn’t bad, yet it’s not my cup of tea, I find myself in a situation that I couldn’t have foreshadowed. Everything about the upcoming season was supposed to be different – several hues of the kaleidoscope mean something, the various textures, and tangled threads within clothes inflict a certain type of heat, the abundant amount of people all have one face, and the roads bare nostalgic scenery. I choose to look at all of that through rose colored glasses, dismaying the fact how at times, it feels like I’m walking or moving across a minefield, and the rapture? It takes place within.

From newly released tracks, to the mildly indie, and the gloomy acoustics – it’s all bitter sweet really. Enjoy this weeks playlist and keep in mind, that the weather’s getting better, and there’s a possibility that it might rain this Thursday, so try to enjoy the most awhile being outdoors. Also, don’t forget that work has started in Block 338 for this year’s The Nest, so whenever you’re in Adliya, keep an eye out on the progressing artwork!

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