You aren’t in any way comparable to anyone else. You see what others are blind to, you feel what people’s senses don’t, things tantalise your heartstrings, and those things could merely cease to exist to others. Everything is heightened to such an unexplainable extent. You’re different, and you should never forget that.

Fine Arts

That brief introduction, which was really my doctor going on a riff about the arts, really started me off on my first day of class, at the Art & Design department at the University of Bahrain. Her name was Dr.Jameela Sadoun, and she was teaching the “Fundamentals of Design” class.

Sitting right in the front let me just say that being back into the arts, or just being seated in an art studio, never felt this virtuous. Switching from English literature due to unattained expectations, and disagreements, the Art & Design program surely did sound encouraging – I mean they had feminist art as part of their courses (see what I mean?).

Re-introducing the program after a lengthy period of time, I was amongst the second batch to have been enrolled– taking around 4 years to complete, I was going to have two years of disciplined intro courses into Art, and Graphic Design – After which, I would be given the choice to choose which I’d like to mainly specialise, or major in.

Photo Oct 09, 2 49 11 PM.jpg

Based on a one class a week schedule, I finished around two classes already – dabbling lightly into the principles of design, we started off learning about linear art. The different forms of lines; sharp, curvy, dashes, spiral… you get the idea. Accompanying that aspect, we learnt the aspect of negative, and positive spaces (Black and white) in art pieces. Picking up from that, we were asked to create a piece in class, which of course, I took forever to complete due to my overly OCD attention to detail niche.

Other than being given class work assignments, we were asked to create four samples of the similar concept, except, this time we had to use colored, or patterned paper, and then play around with it’s formation to create an image.


The theme that I used to carry throughout my four pieces was Alice In Wonderland – featuring the rabbit, teacup, Cheshire cat, and the Mad hatters hat.


It genuinely feels good to be somewhat back at it (Not with them white vans) – I can feel the creative juices, I can feel the supportive push towards producing art, and learning about it in every educational aspect. Speaking of, I have a research paper coming up that’s based on the two art movements: impressionism, and expressionism. I started borrowing books from the library, and promptly looked up artists of the likes of Edgar Degas, Edvard Munch, the artist behind the infamous “The Scream” painting, and the elite likes of Van Gogh.

It’s educationally stimulating, rewarding in the sense of studying something that I love, and it’s like Dr.Jameela said: “You’ll always be different, and you’ll be emotional entwined with whatever your senses tangle with”.


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