It takes a seat at the table, and then a mind toggling walk to the alter to leave you in the mental state of mind that you’ll be in after this weekends playlist.

Solange Knowles, artistically known as “Solange”, as well as Banks will leave you pondering onto the missing presence of intimacy, elusive passivity,getting acquainted with your inner self, and the reserved niche within the music industry, as well as your life (unintentionally of course).

It took around three years for Solange Knowles to release her second album, and awhile the wait, we were all amidst things that never seemed to fuck, and being locked within our own closets (Those are two tracks from the album). As for Banks, it was more of a waiting game (pun intended).


A lyrical, visual diary, or a digital book accompanies the album – which you can view for free. The album is a follow up to Solange’s 2012 True EP. The artist described that the album was a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief, and healing. Other than that, it features artists of the likes of Lil Wayne, Dev Hynes, Kelela, Sampha, and much more artists.

Banks’s album however, goes far deeper into the story of how she gave a man her love, and he decided to not reciprocate it. Be it from her track F*ck with myself, or Gemini feed, the artists cooing voice entailed nothing but tragedy, regret, and alluded to being in a grim state.

Both albums were released today, 30th of September 2017 – here are the track lists of the albums:

 Everyone’s on the edge about the albums, not to mention the remixes, and covers that will start to come up shortly within the upcoming weeks of October. 

Stay tuned to those, and have a good weekend ahead. 

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