They come in recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable black tinted tins. Labeled with a name, ingredients, the individual that worked on them, and the method of use. Thinking of them as cosmetic products would be an understatement, for they’re far more – I mean, they’re natural, healthy, and the aftermath of them gives you a radiant glow, or makes you smell like an array of fruits, or a floral bouquet.

Lush Kuwait

A couple of weeks ago, on my momentary trip to Kuwait, I made it a necessity to pass by the Lush store at The Avenues Mall. I was always fond of the idea of using naturally made products on my face, rather then alternate to those with harsh chemicals.


Call me a white girl (Which I was, obviously stated by the Starbucks cup I walked in with) but awhile I made my way to the store, I could smell the products from afar, and it was fruity, vibrant, and had an essence in which I believe that Lavender was the main ingredient; or maybe it was the soap testers I was sniffing?

Anyways, after strolling around from product to product, shampoo to face mask, I managed to get my hands on the following products:


  • AVOCADO CO-WASH (Av’ a go)

A solid shampoo that had me sniffing my hair, and had me asking everyone to do the same. Made of rosemary, lavender flower, fresh avocado, and cocoa butter.


Grapefruit scented conditioner with a blend of rose, and orange blossom water, and almond milk (hence it’s white tint). This product literally provokes my inner Persian roots, or at least I’d like to think that it does due to it’s nostalgic smell.


An antiseptic face and body cleanser that absorbs, cleans, and clears your body from unwanted body oils. Made of rosewood, and sandalwood facial soap, not to mention the intense liquorice, and coconut oil scent that you get – it literally cleanses your skin and you could unquestionably feel the difference (I couldn’t stop feeling my skin after taking a shower).


When abundantly applied, my skin some what got oily – which is due to the fact of how moisturizing, and absorbing the cream actually is. Made of lavender, witch hazel, rose water, and honey, alongside many essential oils; it left my skin feeling so soft, as if another layer was created.


This self-preserving, multi-purpose mask is magic. Not only does it moisturise, condition my skin, and leaves it feeling fresh, but it also gently fights breakouts. Made of ground  aduki beans, honey, and absolute vanilla, the aftermath of the mask would leave your skin smelling like natural bliss.

Now, not only was I overly ecstatic about my upcoming baths, and showers, but also, I was genuinely looking forward to using each product. I’m hooked onto a couple of the items I managed to purchase above, and I’ll surely go back to get more of them. In retrospect to that, Lush Cosmetics is now open in The Kingdom of Bahrain! The opening happened yesterday at both Seef Mall, and Bahrain City Centre.

If you have any product recommendations that you think I might rave about, please feel free to drop me an email, or a comment down in my comment box.

Fashionably yours,


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