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It’s what causes things to crumble, and reform. Perceived as an inevitable factor in life, It doesn’t necessarily bring good with it, but that’s all based on how you view it – I guess? 

img_5230Hey dad… 

In the discourse of this week, many things changed; be it from Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion” key change, to spending Eid without family this year – which was quite a sour experience. Adding onto those two points, my over view about change, itself changed (Not an intentional tongue twister, I promise). 

We always crave the new, and callow – we always want to be exposed to things that’ll usher us out of the bubble that we’re oh so enclosed in. Be it a change in relationship status, education/work field we’re in, the type of music we listen to, or simply the weather – sure, there’s an exuberant aspect to it all, but isn’t there a sense of agitation?

It’s human nature to feel fear, isn’t it? Should that be a reason to not proceed into new things in life, or should it just be a restraining reminder to be happy with what we have, and settle?

The main question that’s laid out right here is: Change. What is it, and how should it be perceived? 

Send your answers to:

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Awhile thinking of that question, here’s this weeks music playlist: 

Here’s to having a good week ahead, may you be productive, accepting of change and it’s many connotations.

Fashionably yours,


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