2:35 PM 

June 2nd 2016

Al Aali Shopping Complex 

Seef District, The Kingdom of Bahrain

Dilmun; an ancient country mentioned throughout the history of Mesopotamia.  As time progresses, and generations move on, archeological locations, and monuments are discovered, and gradually get researched.  Grasping onto those archeological sites, and discovering it’s rich history is Bahraini designer Lulwa Al Amin, also known as Lulu Al Amin. 


As much as the transition from Lulwa Al Amin, to Lulu Al Amin, sounds like a tongue twister, it’s nothing like that, I promise. It’s lifestyle brand that’s inspired by ease, as well as simplicity, which is an adequate approach considering Bahrain’s partial busy, partial relaxed pace – the brand focuses on womenswear, menswear, children wear, fashion and home accessories.  


Launching her Lulu Al Amin collection through a pop-up shop, a space with pastel pink walls, wooden floors, authentic metallic railings, and floral pieces on the middle of the tables displaying her themed candles, custom designed biscuits by Blissful Temptations, as well as some of her accessory pieces – It was an aesthetic, one that carried itself off of her collection and into her pop-up space. 


Choosing a pop-up concept for her collection, the intention was to allow interested buyers, and attending guests to feel the texture, examine the lining, and get physically acquainted with the pieces of clothing. In residue to that, once the website is launched at the end of this year, the customer would already be familiar with the pieces. 


Besides Al Amin’s Dilmunia inspiration for her collection, the idea of carrying out her free flow, and at-ease concept was introduced through 100% cotton poplin, and organic jersey fabrics. Alongside that, was the play that Al Amin took on redesigning the silhouettes, pattern form, and the innovation that is her blend of embroidery within it all. Taking about six months to make, racks were lined with significant areas of Bahrain, printed shirts, floral shirts, PJ shirts with color contrasting lining, patched, and fringed shorts that took forever to make, maxi dresses, and special kaftan pieces entitled as “The Fancy Lulu Thoub” that came in various prints, and illustrations. 

Speaking of, Al Amin’s artistic sense was projected through her illustrations of date trees, pomegranate trees, fish in the sea, and starry nights. All elements that embodied our little island, in it’s ironically composed, and hasty pace. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 12.28.17 PM.png

I always take great pride in naming innovative, and stimulating local designers; they not only draft, and pin the curves for upcoming fashion flared creatives, but they manage to rip the seams and give in a breath of fresh air, or understanding into the perception towards the fashion scene in The Kingdom of Bahrain.

Keep a zealous eye at Al Amin’s E-commerce launch, as well as that quirk and creativity, for with it comes endless renditions of collectable clothing pieces. 


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