Vulnerability; god forbid that we speak about it out loud, but it’s a feeling that we try to hide, and eventually talk about after maybe the 5th glass of merlot, an emotional get together with your best friend, or when you talk to that special someone and accidentally lay all of your issues, worries, and emotional roller coaster stories on a silver platter – trust me, he or she will either be there listening, trying to understand, or head out towards the closest exit while waving, with a “Bye Felicia” to follow.


Regardless of my brief, and precise intro (Note the sarcasm), this weekends playlist is all about Vulnerability, not to forget the ooey gooey stuff in between, and the fact that it displays two questions that I want you to answer: 

Q1. Vulnerability, what is it to you? 

Q2. Trust, or the lack of it. Can it affect the state of being vulnerable? If so, why?

Please feel free to email me your answers on the following email: alisalah_96@hotmail.com 

NOTE: I’m working on a commentary article about Vulnerability, and your answer will be of great help in my research. 

Music Playlist Collage

Here’s what’s on this weekends playlist: 

I look forward to reading your answers, and please do share this page on any of your social media platforms. 

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