Taking place in Paris’s tennis club, with a multi colored lit installation across a monochrome setting. It was as if you snorted cocaine prior to you going to a fun fair. Kris Van Assche, the creative designer behind Dior’s menswear wanted to set a clear focus towards contrasting elements.

Elements within color, rainbow light fixtures reflected on the paneled grounds, forms of dressing, and the presence and fusion of sportswear amongst the tailored niche that is the classic Dior Homme suit.

The collection was dark, physically, and with reference to my cocaine word-use, mentally. The resurrection of a new wave, punk amalgam taken from the 80’s, that was portrayed with bomber jackets, suits, and trench coats with metallic strapless, and D-rings that could possible be viewed as harnesses – I wouldn’t really say that it was an intentional portrayal of sexual matters, it’s just the kink in me.

Saggy skating pants, shirts, and coats came in checkered prints, dull hues of green, beige, and the contrasting use of red. Opposed to the brands usual style of attire, Van Assche’s views are that if you’re going to derive something from a specific time, or era, it’s a necessity to infuse an aspect of now.




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