The French brand Balmain, run by its creative director Olivier Rousting has a persona. Specific characteristics that befit it’s clients, aesthetic, and it’s seasonal created ensembles that walk the runway every season – don’t even get me started on the models casted.

If you still have qualms about that statement, then let this seasons spring summer 2017 menswear collection be sheer proof to how the brand attains to its niche. It was about clothes that were potentate, luxurious, and pieces that revolved around metal embellishments, and golden tassels.

One look after the other, in bold contrasting colors, pale tones of denim, rainbow hued cardigans, embellished jackets, safari jackets, and mini dresses that outlined your bodies definition even more than a regular medical examination. Regardless of how television shows portray grandmas working on knits, and crocheted pieces, that technique managed to make an impact on the clothes – I mean it’s Balmain, it surely is elevated.


If you think that the clothing pieces are overwhelming in their creative sense, then brace yourselves because Rousting’s selection of models included Jon Kortajarena, Baptiste Giabiconi, Marlon Teixeira, and Francisco Lachowsk – just typing their names in made me feel a tad bit parched.

With the new ownership, and funding to the brand by Qatari investment company “Mayhoola”, Olivier’s bound to strengthen his brands development, and with those cheekbones, that’s certain.


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