WARNING: If you’re a wallflower, there are no perks for you on this webpage; nor are there perks for you in this review of DSQUARED2’s Spring Summer 2017 Menswear collection.

It was what Milan embodied, street glamour but in a different rendition, with a British overtake. A modern day gent, with a David Bowie like aesthetic, which was pretty obvious to me, when the models walked down the runway in sky rocketing platform boots. Yes, you read that right, platform boots.

Taking a toll on the proportions, and reformed silhouettes, Dean and Dan wanted to infuse their signature irreverent and playful attitude on the clothing. Be it the sparkling accents of the platform boots, the ripped/bleached denim pants, and patched denim jackets, the sequined tank sweaters, and blazers, or the rocketing high-waisted pants, the collection defied the genders dressing specifications – partially.

I say that, because aside of the glitz and the added inches of height, there were crisp shirts, with metallic aspects around the collar, monotonous jackets with contrasting colored leather inserts. Out of the showcased bomber jackets, and over coats, my favorite would have to be the leather, camel colored bomber jacket, with olive sleeves, and black inserts.


Finishing the show off, the twins made their way out together, in high thigh, black sequined boots, and a rainbow scarf around their necks wavered. Worn by them to show their support for the saddening occurrence of the Orlando shooting.



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