It was an array of pretty pastels, contrasting intersected pieces, motifs that gave off a beach like vibe, brit inspired – of course. Topman’s Gordon Richardson envisioned a youthful group raving around the beach side, before their discovery of Ibiza.

In sun burnt complexions, one after the other, models in slim-leg pants, Hawaiian motifs of hard eyed seagulls, ice cream cones, both instead of the cliché bloom prints, and leaf outlines. Multi colored sweat suits, with prints of the essential weekend destinations – Torquay, Margate, and Blackpool.

In top-to-bottom blends of terry cloth tracksuits, and shorts, printed shirts, in illustrated bits, white threaded black tops with white seagulls, and not to forget the symbolist guitars, and mermaid embossed/embroidered patches.

The opinions of the general were that the collection was maybe too British, but yet again when is anything too much in the fashion industry? I mean we’ve embraced nudity as a form of clothing, or statement art, we’ve embraced unconventional forms, or silhouettes into a new form of wearable clothing, so the real questions is – how were those symbols too British?






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