It was all about denim renaissance, innovation created from things that are considered of the mere norm, and the seasonal brilliance that is known as Christopher Shannon.

A collection that truly marks why Shannon is given the title of the best menswear designer in the United Kingdom, or even the world. An ingenious tactic that Shannon follows is the reinventions of the linguistics of street wear; denim pants, t-shirts, sweaters, and his signature tracksuits.

In various hues, ranging from palest chambray to deep indigo, he patched sweat suits, jackets, shorts that I personally cannot wait to get my hands on, and made an abundant amount of jeans. Shannon also shredded, and tattered the denim to form a gradual thread hue to a couple of ensembles.

Deviating from the denim ensembles, Shannon involved t-shirts that looked quite complex – in the sense that they were made up of two pieces basically, one was obviously worn by the model, and the other dangling from the hemline. Jeans came with a layered waistband, some in one shade, and others in two; call it a bit hood like, except in the British sense (Pinky up).

It was somewhat kinky, or at least that’s how I saw it. It was the intersection of kink, innovation, a retrospect view of dame Vivienne West, and the sheer brilliance of Shannons ides.


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