A LONG OVERDUE POST: L.C.M (London Collections Men) SPRING SUMMER 2017

Be it the economic state, the political form, which his hit a downfall currently, the arts in all it’s forms, including the peculiar sense of fashion that is accepted, and embraced, It’s a raw haven, enwrapping it’s hands over talents, and reforming them to bloom on a wide scope.

It’s where the odd within humanity is embraced, it’s where the unconventional is conventional, it’s where the refined get to an unfathomable state of luxe; London.


Vogue editor Anna Wintour once said in the documentary The September Issue: “Growing up in London in the 60’s, you’d have to be walking around with a pint, or a sack over your head, for you not to know that something extraordinary was happening in fashion – the look of things then, and everything that was going on then.”

For the 2017 Spring Summer season of LCM (London Collections Men), the collections proved that creativity within the male reform Isn’t held back, as well as it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, contain boundaries. Designers ventured by playing with structure, prints, and the breaking idea of gender within dressing.

From collections that were inspired by the Rajistani era, to collections that evoked a butch sense of kink, here’s my review on the selected brands during LCM, MFW, and PFW Spring Summer 2017: 



giphy (2).gif


giphy (1)



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