Founded in 1989, Its longstanding presence has made it pretty apparent that the field isn’t as similar without it, it ranges from dapper articles of clothing for men, figure complimenting accustomed pieces for women, and vibrant pieces for kids – welcome to the world of Sacoor Brothers.

Photo Jun 16, 8 39 48 PM

One sunny afternoon, a couple of weeks ago, I was being shown around the Sacoor Brothers store in Bahrain City Centre by Mireille Sarkis, PR and Marketing at Sacoor, she made sure that my Sacoor experience was an unforgettable one. Briefing me on the development of the brand, it’s Upper East Side – Manhattan penthouse like concept; its varied stores, and the services that the brand caters to.

From the branded espresso, in various flavors, the custom tailoring done on your purchases, or the personalization done on your shirts’ sleeve, or in my case “pocket” – the word “custom” wasn’t taken for granted.Let me just say that.

Photo Jun 16, 8 41 00 PMThey even have a grand piano, where their pianist plays music to your ears while you shop.

Browsing the collections at Sacoor, the pieces ranged from crisp shirts, in a variety of colors, an endless array of neckties, handkerchiefs, in prints, and monotonous hues, with minimal polka-dot prints, the kind you’d see Orlando Bloom wear awhile acting in The Great Gatsby.

The womens’ pieces however, weren’t as crisp, but still retained that masculine aspect, via the tailoring. Rain coats in their matching custom bags, pinstriped blazers with leather lapels, in subtle vibrant tones, croc embossed loafers, and maxi dresses that flowed with the slightest breath of air. Not to forget the classic A-line skirts, the chiffon blouses, with the ruffled collars, and the gold-coated buttons, on the trousers.

Photography by Hina Mirza 

If you’re looking for timeless pieces, ones that are bound to last a while, yet remain in their stable, and polished state, head down to the Sacoor Brothers store at Bahrain City Centre and lose yourself.

Photo Jun 02, 7 26 37 PM

Oh! Don’t forget to ask about getting your initials, name, or whatever personalization you may require done on your clothing item.

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