Is it just me, or is time relatively passing by within a speed that I cannot comprehend? It’s either that, or I’m blissfully engulfed by the various Ramadan occurrences – occurrences that feel distinctive by the day.

IMG_3393Tulin Meric (TresTouline),  Yours truly,Georgina (Blonde In Bahrain), and Ashwathy Shyam Kumar (A.S.K The Style Council)

From the nostalgic tunes of Fairooz’s “حَبَيتك بالصَيف”, that tantalize your sense of hearing, to the rhythmic strings of the Oud – Iftars will never be the same. Adding onto that, I found myself blue this week; blue in emotion, blue in color, and blue towards my choices in clothing. That’s all the residue of a cover of Zayn Malik’sIt’s You” by BØRNS.

416979_XG170_4150_001_100_0000_Light-Embroidered-leather-jacket (1)

Performing In a floral embroidered, blue leather, Gucci jacket, worth $8000, that I’m going crazy over, at the Château de Fontainebleau, Garrett Borns performed the cover, and with it came the sense of a hostile emotional rush – well it did to me anyways.

I’ve been listening to it for about the entire week, obsessing about it to my friends, hairdresser, and even humming Garrett’s angelic high note with alluded sense that I can hit it… Don’t we all do that though? 

Ramadhan Blues .jpg

In retrospect the blue’s, and the poignant mood that comes with it – here’s this week’s music playlist:

If you’d like to recommend a song, drop the name down below in the comment post & I’ll surely check it out… 



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