1 month, 4 weeks, and 30 days, spent on re-sparking that religious flame, or adding the wooden blocks to it. It’s spent on time with the family, spent on the endless KG’s of fat you’ll gain from all the over eating, spent on the intimate, memorable moments you’ll make, spent on the ever so tranquil vibes – It’s the holy month of Ramadan.

The first week was quite a handful; you kind of lose yourself amidst the rush of time, or the lack there of; between family gatherings, mini blogging late night sessions, media events that happened quite promptly in the first week, and the attempt of attaining your self set religious duties – I mean I honestly gasped for air awhile typing that paragraph in.


Sarah Abdulghaffar (The Modest Belle), Abeer Saud (The Eclectic Equation), Reem Buqais (Partner In Fashion) , Yours truly, Georgina (Blonde In Bahrain), Muneera Bubshait (Arabella), and Tulin Meric (TresTouline).

A night ago, Saturday the 11th, to be exact, I attended the Four Season’s annual media Ghabga with my fabulous blogging family, and last weekend’s music contributor Essa Al Hajri. It was just what we all needed I think, a fabulous get together of good company, an endless array of food, the fading smoke of sheesha, and to make it even better, tunes of Um Kalthoom, Fairooz, and Abdulmajeed Abdulla playing in the back – not that I’m that aware of their iconic, generation transcending tracks, but a couple of sways here and there through the night never hurt anyone yeah?

Besides that, in terms of my self-set religious duties, I’ve been hopping from one mosque to the other, from Islamic art carvings on the walls, to the eccentric chandeliers, It’s all quite too much to take in – too much to take in the sense that there are far too many ways to appreciate religion, and I think that it’s true how they say “To each, his own”.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.50.06 PM.png

I don’t generally blog about religion, and I don’t intend on doing so, but I’d like to think of religion as a very intimate relationship between yourself, and god. 

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