It was a cohesive mixture of athleticism, a new from of femininely cut silhouettes, and architecture.


Nicolas Ghesquière showcased the house of Louis Vuitton’s 2016 cruise collection at the Bop Hope house, located in one of Palm Springs central peaks, which was priced at $25 million. It was something about the way the house was constructed, against the refinement of the interior, not to forget the fluidity of the garments, contrasting the rigid leather, and structured jackets.


For the 2017 cruise collection however, not straying away too far off the architectural influence, Ghesquière showcased the show at the Niterói Contemporary Museum in Rio de Janeiro. Regardless of the instable political situation, the show went on, and not only for the house of Louis Vuitton, but for Chanel as well.

The collection had an athleticism niche to it, be it the white-stretch fabric, the multi pocketed trousers, or the zip fastened mini dresses – the Vuitton woman is bound to be out and about this season. 

Another thing she’ll be out and about in, are the new soporific neoprene shoes, and boots – some are in a laced up form, awhile some were newly renovated, or developed pieces.

Besides the clothing pieces, and the shoes, lets talk about the bags. Some of which were styled to represent an exact form of a 1980’s boom box, while others were in fringe, perky pinks, yellows, and scarlet’s, adorned in graffiti decorations.


I’m a Frenchman who’s come to present a French luxury collection but it’s also tropical and exotic” explained Ghesquière. “Nature is explosive here, and at the same time you have these wonderful buildings. It’s a beautiful chaos.



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