It’s been a long week, one that involved a lot of caffeine intake, unnecessary mental, emotional, and physical stress (I mean it’s a given since it’s exam week, so bare with me). Not to forget my endless musical scouts on Spotify, as well as Youtube. 

Speaking of Youtube, lets just take a minute and talk about Adele’s trippy, kaleidoscopic, new music video for her track “Send My Love To Your New Lover” – I highly recommend that you either are high, or are on some sort of pill prior to watching it (Please note that this is sarcasm, and I do not support drug use).

It starts off very calmly, with Adele in a floral printed, Dolce & Gabbana gown, from their Spring Summer 2016 collection – it then progresses into a hallucinogenic riot of dance moves, and multiple Adeles.


Apart from the multiple Adeles, her hit track, and fine, Italian printed, chiffon gowns, here’s what’s on this weekends playlist: 


Please do recommend a song that you think I might like down in the comment box, and It’ll hopefully be in next weekends playlist! Until then… 





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