The name befits the vibe you get, It’s safe, vibrant, and home like to the extent that the belongings present are mentally perceived as your own. Malja – A Red Bull Space in Bahrain, where creatives and like-minded individuals meet and elaborate on their artistic perceptions through music, dance, sketching, and even writing. 

Co-founded by Bahraini entrepreneur Wafa Al Obaidat, and Hassan Hujairi, a well-known sound engineer – the concept was created around 5 years ago, a space that would fulfill and serve a higher purpose.

Individuals responsible for this haven come from interdependent backgrounds within the art field.

Noor Nooruddin; a contributing writer to Red Bull’s MEA website and digital content manger, as well as write for Malja Bahrain. Sarah Nabil, the first female R&B/Hip Hop producer and composer in Bahrain and the region. Abdulla Minhas, an 18-year-old photographer and contributer at Malja. Abdulla’s behind all the starry-eyed photographs on Malja’s website, and social media platforms. Abdulla Najem, taking care of the haven, and its serene state is his main priority. He’s most likely present at Malja whenever it’s open. Leading the team is Bader Osama, a culture marketing specialist at Red Bull Bahrain. 

With a location now secured in Amwaj, settled on a green ground, Malja independently provides it’s artistic crowds with courses, or workshops that range from fashion, creating enamel jewelry, beak dancing, music production, and so much more. Not to mention how they host art exhibitions, photo galleries, and open mic nights.

One exhibition in particular, that commences annually titled “Call Out Exhibition” is curated by Rama Al Hussaini, a Saudi visual artist – the exhibit doesn’t particularly have a theme, however any piece exhibited has to have a concept behind it.

If you haven’t visited Malja yet, then by all means, you need to go down there this instant – Malja’s open on Tuesday till Saturday from 4 PM until 10 PM



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