ART SELECT BAHRAIN; BAAB (Bahrain Art Across Borders)

In an economy with cliché motives, be it in the business, medical, logistic, or even constitutional sectors, it’s quite hard to deviate from the current. It’s no surprise that your genuine artistic aspirations get turned down, nor is it a surprise that someone belittles you with regards to your creative profession. 

However, when individuals, that aren’t particularly locals, put their foot down, and initiate movements, the current gradually deviates its direction (that’s somewhat a given I think).


Kaneka Subberwal, founder of Art Select, which is an initiative launched back in 2007 that has staged more than 60 art exhibitions across the region. 


Art Select offers advice on buying, leasing and displaying art, assists on forging partnerships between hotels, restaurants, with artists, and creates a stable platform that supports, innovates, and provide a back end to local artists.

(ArtBahrain Teaser from it’s first edition back in 2015)

After the commencement of Bahrain’s first international art fair “ArtBahrain” last year, which is having it’s second edition this October, Bahrain was somewhat allocated for it’s merging potential of the modernist, traditional art, to it’s internationally scaled artists, and cosmopolitan crowd.

In views of the positive outcome of ArtBahrain, Art Select launches Bahrain Art Across Borders “BAAB”, which is an initiative to showcase selected Bahraini artists on a global stage through annual exhibitions and events, with the first being held in London in May.

On the 9th of May, a preview to the members of the press was made at the Four Seasons Hotel. Getting a glimpse of which artists were selected, it came to no surprise that Amina Al Abbasi, and Ghada Khunji were both amongst them. Other favored selected Bahraini artists were Jamal Abdulrahim, Marwa Al Khalfa, Faika Al Hassan, and more.

I genuinely look forward to having their pieces being portrayed at London’s Albermale Gallery – I think that it’s about time that Bahrain appreciated, and nurtured it’s own, maybe it’s far overdue, but it’s perhaps a step toward a better appreciation of the arts in The Kingdom of Bahrain.


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