Weekend Playlist; My Mood From The 6

When it comes to music, a person never really recognizes, or vibes to a track until it forms a sense of emotional connection. Be it from the lyrics, the beat, or the brief tune intro.

When Drake, Beyonce, Flumes, and Aluna George decided to release their albums/tracks all in the same week – It was unquestionable, that I would be embedded within my emotions for a while. I was literally trying to my pull myself through the albums/track.


Drake’s “Views From The 6” was everything you’d expect from his music; it has a rapper feel, the beat’s somewhat unconventional, and it had Rihanna featured in one of the tracks (Too Good). Now, I’m no music analyzer, but those two have been collaborating on tracks for quite some time now, and not only do they make tracks that resonate, but they easily become your go-to artists.

Moving from Drake’s views, to Beyoncé’s thirst-quenching “Lemonade”, which was quite an on-point empowering album that only  proved that Beyoncé could slay twice, not that she hasn’t previously, but you know what I mean…


She released formation earlier in February, and that track on it’s own caused an immense impact, and hype onto her recently released album. Lemonade features artists of the likes of The Weeknd, James Blake, and Kendrick Lamar.


Adding onto the two albums, Flume released an LP four-minute teaser of his album “Skin” earlier on this year as well. So far, only four tracks have been released but they surely create a buildup towards the album.

I'm in Control (feat. Popcaan) - Single.jpg

Apart from that, Aluna George’s new track “My Blood” featuring ZHU sounds somewhat bittersweet – despite saying that, I’d say that it’s more bitter than sweet. Pre hand the release of the song, she released a track titled “I’m In Control”, and it somewhat contradicts the mood.

Awhile I’m in the amidst of my emotions listening to those tracks, be sure to check them out and let me know what you think by dropping me a comment, yeah?


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