Sincerely Yours, Ali…

They say that worthy things take time; they say that for good things to happen, you need to work at them, you need to devote yourself towards them, and in all honesty – time is something that we can’t take easily in the fashion industry nor our day to day lives.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted my site to involve, to be about, what it’d feature in terms of images, and content. It ranged from weekly fashion sketches, to a whole wide scape of fashion, art, and things in between.

I haven’t blogged for quite a while, and a lot has happened – from the departure of Raf Simons, Jonathan Saunders closing his line, to the prompt rumors of Karl Lagerfeld leaving Chanel. Although that, the imprinted question that was placed in my head (by myself and a couple of concerned friends) was, what if you’re not that relevant when you re launch? Would people forget you?

I mean everyone’s busy with their own lives, and people seemed to take the things I did for granted in terms of media, and all, but a sense of self-consciousness and uncertainty can go a long way (I’d know). In the attempts of being calm and re collected though, disregarding those questions, I decided to relaunch “I’m Ali Al Bana” previously “The Sartori Ali”.

I’m Ali Al Bana; it’s all about being personal, and being genuine to what you believe in; a space that’s filled with an endless variation of articles, and detailed images of fashion, art pieces that move you emotionally, mentally – as well as pieces on lifestyle and music that make you move, you know – literally.

I look forward to what I may re encounter; the new people that I might meet, or come across, the cosmopolitan array of individuals, and mentalities; I make it sound like it’s a trip, but surprisingly, being a blogger, or a writer (to sound more befitting) has introduced me to so many, and has given me much more than I can comprehend.

I’m truly grateful to those who have been behind my back for so long, and I value you them immensely.

Stay tuned for more posts, right here on Im Ali Al Bana.

Sincerely and fashionably yours,



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